Gallery 98

ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

Gallery 98 is for collectors and researchers. We specialize in announcement cards, posters, publications and other art ephemera from the 1960s - 1990s. For all inquiries: | Sign up for our Newsletter    

Film & Video


“Filmworks” program, 1979 (Jack Goldstein, Bette Gordon, Gordon Matta-Clark, Harry Smith, others)

Tension Film Festival poster

“New York Tension Film Festival,” Flyer, 1993

“New York Tension Film Festival,” flyer, 1993

“Third Annual New York Film Festival Downtown,” Nick Zedd, Richard Kern, Kembra Pfahler, Newsprint, 1986

02. Art-Rite event with film screening and DJ (at 149 Wooster Street). Xerox flyer, c. 1978

06. Ghost Films (Edit DeAk, Anne Deleon, Peter Grass, Walter Robinson, Alan Vega). Mock-up description for film-production company, c. 1979

181 Club, Premiere of John Sex: The True Story, 1983

WOW Festival video screening flyer

19 St. Mark’s Place, Women’s One World Video, Screening Flyer

3 Mercer St. Store, Jaime Davidovich, Stuart Sherman, Flyer, c. 1975

Born in Flames is Back flyer

Agee room, Lizzie Borden, Born In Flames , Flyer, c. mid 1980’s

Amanda Feilding, Suydam Gallery, “Heartbeat in the Brain,” Folded Card, 1978

The Blank Generation flyer

Amos Poe & Ivan Kral, The Blank Generation, Flyer, 1980

Amos Poe, "The Foreigner" - poster 1978

Amos Poe, The Foreigner, 2 Posters/Flyers, 1978

collection of photos of debbie harry on set

Amos Poe, The Foreigner, Debbie Harry & Eric Mitchell, 3 Film Stills from the Cigarette Scene, 1977

Set of three photographs from Amos Poe's The Foreigner

Amos Poe, The Foreigner, Eric Mitchell in the Bondage Scene, 3 Film Stills, 1977

Amos Poe, "The Foreigner" - Photograph of Anya Phillips, 1977

Amos Poe, The Foreigner, Photograph of Anya Phillips, 1977

Photograph of Debbie Harry from The Foreigner

Amos Poe, The Foreigner, Photograph of Debbie Harry, 1977

Amos Poe, "The Foreigner" - Photograph of Eric Mitchell, 1977

Amos Poe, The Foreigner, Photograph of Eric Mitchell, 1977

Amos Poe, "Unmade Beds" - Photograph of Duncan Hannah and Amos Poe, 1976

Amos Poe, Unmade Beds, Production Still of Duncan Hannah and Amos Poe, 1976

Amos Poe's Autograph #2 - Magazine, 1977

Amos Poe, Autograph Magazine #2, 1977

unmade beds amos poe

Amos Poe, Duncan Hannah, Eric Mitchell, Debbie Harry, Unmade Beds, Flyer, 1976

Ann Magnuson & Tom Rubnitz, Made for T.V., 3-Fold Card, 1984

Harry Smith poster

Anthology Film Archives, The Work of Harry Smith, Biographical Slideshow, Flyer, 1995

Charlie Ahearn Doin' Time in Times Square

Anthology Film Archives, Charlie Ahearn, Doin’ Time in Times Square, Card, 1991

Joan Jonas poster for Anthology Film Archives

Anthology Film Archives, Joan Jonas, Mirage of Phantom Knot, Poster, 1976


Anthology Film Archives, Joan Jonas, Twilight, Folded Mailing, 1975

Anton Perich, Sex and Drugs Band, Flyer

ARC, Helene Aylon, Video, Foldout, 1985

area warhol poster

AREA, Premiere Screening of Andy Warhol’s Fifteen Minutes, Poster, 1985


Armageddon, Des Refusés, Kathy Acker, Ronald Feldman, Jim Fouratt, James Taylor, Dan Graham, Tri-Fold Flyer, 1982

bent tv card front

Art in General, Bent TV, Card

Art Metropole, Video by Artists, Peggy Gale, Ant Farm, General Idea, Dan Graham, AA Bronson, Card, 1976

ART/new york, Haring, Paik, Krasner, Schnabel, Rauschenberg, Marden, Videotapes of the 1982-83 Art Season, Folded Card, 1983

Promotional card for ART/new york's video documentary, "Graffiti / Post-Graffiti," 1984.

ART/new york, Lady Pink, Basquiat, Rammellzee, Keith Haring, Graffiti/Post-Graffiti Announcement, 1984


ArtForum, Larry Clark, KIDS, Magazine, May 1995

dan graham card for Artists Space

Artists Space, Dam Graham, Card, 1975

Jack Goldstein film screening card from Artists Space

Artists Space, Jack Goldstein, Card, 1976

Lawrence Weine card fro Artists Space

Artists Space, Lawrence Weiner, Card, 1976

Artists Space, Peter Grass, Projections, Card, 1977

card for vito Acconci film at Artists Space

Artists Space, Vito Acconci, My Word, Card, 1974


Baron/Boisanté, Günther Brus, Otto Muehl, Hermann Nitsch, Rudolf Scwarzkogler, Actionism, Poster, 1998

Baskerville + Watson, Mike Kelly & Mary Woronov, Kappa by Bruce & Norman Yonemoto, Card, 1986

Beth B & Scott B, The Offenders, Photograph, 1979

Beth B & Scott B, The Offenders, Photograph, 1979

photograph of offenders

Beth B & Scott B, The Offenders, Photograph, 1979

Offenders photograph

Beth B & Scott B, The Offenders, Photograph, 1979

Beth B & Scott B, The Offenders, Press Package, 1979

front cover of the offenders booklet

Beth B & Scott B, The Offenders, Promotional Booklet, 1979

Beth B. and Scott B., flyer for Black Box and G-Man

Beth B and Scott B, Black Box and G-Man, Flyer, 1978

promotional flyer for Black Box No Wave film

Beth B and Scott B, Black Box, Flyer featuring Lydia Lunch, 1979

still of Black Box film

Beth B and Scott B, Black Box, Lydia Lunch and Bob Mason stills, 1979

photo from Scott B and Beth B's Max Karl

Beth B and Scott B, Max Karl, Photograph, 1978

Max Karl photograph no wave

Beth B and Scott B, Max Karl, Photograph, 1978

Bill Viola, Venice Biennale, Catalogue, 1995

Bleecker St Cinema, Yvonne Rainer, Journeys From Berlin/1971, Flyer, 1980

Brownies, Richard Hell and Richard Kern, Card, 1993


Bykert Gallery, Michael Snow, Set of small cards, 1971

Cast Iron TV, LYNCH: Who Killed M.J. Stewart?, Franck Goldberg, Card, 1984

Cast Iron TV, Rammellzee, Edit DeAk, James Nares, Windows of Vulnerability, Flyer, 1983

Castelli / Sonnabend Tapes & Films, Coosje van Bruggen, School Bus Yellow, Adirondack Green, Film Screening Invite Card, 1982

lawrence weiner film plowmans lunch

Castelli/Sonnabend Tapes & Films, Lawrence Weiner, Plowmans Lunch, Card, 1983

Castelli/Sonnabend Tapes & Films, Lawrence Weiner, Louise Lawler cover image, A Passage to the North, Card, 1981

Mild Seven: The Cowboy Stories directed by Kembra Pfahler screening flyer

Charas Theater, Kembra Pfahler, Mild Seven: The Cowboy Stories, Film Screening Flyer

Charles Green Center for Film Arts, M. Henry Jones, Works in Progress, Poster

Deadly Art photograph of man with bloody head

Charlie Ahearn, The Deadly Act of Survival, Photograph, 1979

Deadly Art photograph by Charlie Ahearn

Charlie Ahearn, The Deadly Act of Survival, Photograph, 1979

Charlie Ahearn, “Deadly Art of Survival,” Silkscreen Poster, 1979

Charlie Ahearn, The Deadly Art of Survival, Silkscreen Poster, 1979

Poster for "Twins" by Charlie Ahearn

Charlie Ahearn, Twins, Poster, 1980

Wild Style Lee Pink photograph

Charlie Ahearn, Wild Style, 4 Photographs, 1982


Cinema Studio, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Werner Herzog, Wim Wenders, The New German Cinema, Flyer, 1985

Cinesthesia, Jim Jarmusch, Permanent Vacation, Card, 1980

poster for film sceenings at Club 57

Club 57, Screening For Jacob Burckhardt’s This Object, Flyer

X magazine, Volume 2, Issues 2 & 3.

COLAB, X Motion Picture Magazine, February 1978

Collective for Living Cinema, Jack Smith, Horror of the Rented World, Xerox Flyer, 1975


Danceteria, Jim Jarmusch, John Lurie & the Lounge Lizards, Ester Balint, Stranger Than Paradise Screening Party, Card, 1982


Darinka, Best Of Animation: The Late Show, Flyer, c. 1985


Deitch Projects, Downtown ’81, Basquiat, Card, 2001


Deitch Projects, Downtown ’81, Basquiat, Poster, 2001


Experienced Movers, Invitation, 1985

Festival of Lesbian and Gay Film, Catalogue, 1989

Film Forum Independent Cinema, Volume 1 No. 4, Folded 6-Page Newsletter, 1974

Film Forum, Volume 2 No. 4, George Griffin, Folded 6-Page Newsletter, 1975

Film Musicals, Tina L’Hotsky, Patti Astor, Poster, 1977

Flyer for Amos Poe's The Foreigner

Flyer for “The Foreigner,” 1978

Flyers for “Meet the Makers” film and video series, 1986–1991

john turturro franklin furnace

Franklin Furnace, John Turturro, The Apportist and Summer Lander, Card, 1980

Franklin Furnace, M. Scherman, Media Outcast, Card


Fred Hoffman Fine Art, Dennis Hopper, Easy Rider Video Still, “The Sixties, the Eighties, and Now,” Card, 1997

SCREEN group show television

Friedrich Petzel Gallery, Halley, Ligon, Wool, Screen, Folded Card and Press Release, 1996

Galerie Eric Franck, Nam June Paik, Paintings, Card, 1988

postcard for Ecstatic Stigmatic

Gorden Stevenson, Ecstatic Stigmatic, Postcard

Gordon Stevenson, Ecstatic Stigmatic, 3 Film Stills, 1980


Guggenheim, Bill Viola: Fire, Water, Breath, Pamphlet, 1997

Hallwalls Gallery, Melvie Arslanian, Stiletto, With Tina L’Hotsky, Card, 1981

Hallwalls, Jack Goldstein, text by David Salle, Catalogue, 1978


Holly Solomon Gallery, Laurie Anderson, Dearreader, Card, 1975

ICA Boston, Ten Years of Video: The Greatest Hits of the 70s, Gallery Handout, Mid 1980s

Interferon, John Waters, Divine, Tab Hunter, Polyester, Card, 1981

clayton patterson watercolors

J.N. Herlin Inc, Clayton Patterson, , Card, 1985

Jack Smith, I Was A Mekas Collaborator, Poster, 1978

Jean-Michel Basquiat, The Radiant Child, Promotional Card for Movie Directed by Tamra Davis, 2010


Joan Jonas, P.S.1, Memory Corridor, Card, 1982

Dial History Johan Grimonprez

Johan Grimonprez, Dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y, Film postcard, 1997

John Sanborn & Kit Fitzgerald, Resolution Of The Eye, Card, 1980

Kitchen, Survival Research Laboratories, Film Screening, Poster, 1986

the kitchen martha Rosler card front

Kitchen, Martha Rosler and Allan Sekula, Video Screening, Card, 1975

vito acconci the red tapes card

Kitchen, Vito Acconci, The Red Tapes, Card, 1977


La Petite Armageddon, Edit DeAk, Four Years of Art Pimping, Flyer with handwritten notes, 1981

leo castelli pop phenomenon card

Leo Castelli Gallery, Gianfranco Gorgoni, Leo Castelli and the Pop Phenomenon, Card, 1982

Young and Confused postcard

Limbo Lounge, Young & Confused Film Series, Flyer, 1985

Limelight, Grace Jones, Conan the Destroyer, Card, 1984

Limelight, H.R. Giger, Ridley Scott, DUNE, Folded Card, 1984

limelight mark and dan jury dances sacred and profane

Limelight, Mark and Dan Jury, Dances Sacred and Profane, Card, 1985

Limelight, Video Screenings, Folded Poster Flyer, 1984

Limelight, William Burroughs, BURROUGHS Premiere, Folded Card, 1983

M. Henry Jones' frame 63 for go go girls video

M. Henry Jones – Go Go Girl – Frame 63

M. Henry Jones' frame 82 for go go girls video

M. Henry Jones – Go Go Girl – Frame 82

M. Henry Jones' frame 84 for go go girls video

M. Henry Jones – Go Go Girl – Frame 84

M. Henry Jones Soul City

M. Henry Jones, ‘Soul City’Animation, Guitar Cut-Out Test, Signed Photograph, 1978

M. Henry Jones Soul City

M. Henry Jones, Soul City Animation, Signed Cut-Out Photo Print, 1977

M. Henry Jones Soul City

M. Henry Jones, Soul City Cut-Out from Master Shot, Signed Photo Print, 1977

japanese article on M. Henry Jones' Soul City

M. Henry Jones, Soul City, Japanese Article

Soul City Layout sheet 5 m henry jones

M. Henry Jones, Soul City, Layout Sheet #5, 1978

m henry jones soul city layout sheet 5f

M. Henry Jones, Soul City, Layout Sheet #5F, 1978

m. henry jones soul city storyboard and animation layout sheets

M. Henry Jones, Soul City, Signed Story-Boarding Panel, 1977

Mariposa Film Group, Word is Out, stories of some of our lives, Card, 1977

claes oldenburg film screening card

Michael Blackwood Productions, Claes Oldenburg, Card, 1989

Middle Gallery, Shigeko Kubota, Broken Dreams: Video Calligraphy, Card, 1984


Millenium, Cultural Revolution 20th Anniversary, Card, 1986

flyer for Kembra Pfahler screening at Millenium

Millenium, Kembra Pfahler, Samoa Moriki, Hapi Phace, Flyer

Steve McQueen Projects at The MOMA

MOMA, Steve McQueen, Projects Series, 4-Fold Pamphlet, 1998

Long Island Four poster no wave film

Monday Wednesday Friday Video Club, Anders Grafstrom, Long Island Four, Poster and Catalogue, 1986

Ecstatic Stigmata poster

Mudd Club, “Ecstatic Stigmatic,” Flyer, 1980

mudd club flyer for nam june paik

Mudd Club, Nam June Paik, Lake Placid ’80, Flyer, 1980

lawrence weiner movie poster mudd club

Mudd Club, Peter Gordon, David Van Teighem, Lawrence Weiner, Altered To Suit, Poster, 1979


Mudd Club, Sleepless Nights, Rene Ricard, John Lurie, Eric Mitchell, Becky Johnston, Flyer, 1980

Mudd Club, The Curators Present Art At The Mudd, Three Page Xerox Program, 1980


Mudd Club/Mudd Films, Rolling Stones, Casting Call for Film “Fight for Life”, Card, 1981

National Endowment for the Arts, Art Matters, Getty Trust, Bruce & Norman Yonemoto with John Baldessari, Three Locations/Three Points of View, Press Release, 1993

Kidnapped film poster

New Cinema, Eric Mitchell, Kidnapped, Poster, 1978

New Cinema poster

New Cinema, February Schedule, Poster, 1979

New Cinema, James Nares, Rome ’78, Flyer, 1979

New Cinema, Jimmy de Sana in Motive by Michael McClard, Mailer Poster, 1979

New Cinema, John Lurie, James Nares, Eric Mitchell, Vivienne Dick, Poster, 1979


New Cinema, Liza Béar, Jackie Winsor at Work, Flyer

New York Film Festival Downtown, Tessa Hughes-Freeland & Ela Troyano, Featuring Nick Zedd and Nan Goldin, Poster, 1985 & 1986

Downtown_Front poster

New York Film Festival showing of You Killed Me First, 1986


Nick Zedd, Party for the Screening of They Eat Scum, Invitation, 1985

The Bogus Man poster

Nick Zedd, Poster for “The Bogus Man,” 1980’s


O-P Cinema, James Nares, Rome ’78, Flyer, 1979

O-P, Beth & Scott B, Vivienne Dick, Charlie Ahearn, James Nares, Star Pictures Presents, Poster, c. 1979

Osterreichisches Filmmuseum, C’est La Vie Rrose: Homage to Marcel Duchamp, a film by Hans-Christof Stenzel, With Hannah Wilke, John Cage, among others, Card, 1977

front of Caravaggio card

Palladium, Caravaggio Movie Premiere Party, Folded Card, 1986

PAPER Magazine, Spike Lee, November 1992

Paula Cooper Gallery, Dara Birnbaum, RAF Hostage, Card, 1994

culture jamming citizen art pedro carvajal

Pedro Carvajal, Citizen Art / Culture Jamming, Card, 1990’s

front of Joan Jonah's card for Double Lunar Dogs at Performing Garage

Performing Garage, Joan Jonas, Double Lunar Dogs, Card, 1984

De Sana poster for Motive

Poster for Michael McClard’s Motive, Starring Jimmy De Sana, 1979


Printed Matter, The New Cinema 1979, Christopher Wool, Eric Mitchell, and others, Poster, 1994

Private Eyes, David King & Alan Rish, TV Party, Card, 1985

Publicity Photo for Underground USA, Rene Ricard, Patti Astor, Eric Mitchell (Director), 1980

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R.L. Seltman, Charles Dexter, The Abortion & From Ashes To Black NY Film Premier, Poster and Film Screening Program, 1980

Red Italy film poster

Red Italy, a film by Eric Mitchell, poster for the opening, 1979


Rene Block Gallery, Shigeko Kubota, Meta-Marcel, Press Release, 1977

René Block Gallery, The Chinese Fiancée, Rebecca Horn, 1976

Manhattan Suicide still

Richard Kern, Manhattan Love Suicides, Photograph of David Wojnarowicz, 1985

loves of a ballerina show card for Eleanor antin - front

Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Eleanor Antin, Loves of a Ballerina: A Filmic Installation, Card, 1986

Ronald Feldman Fine Arts filmic installation eleanor Antin

Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Eleanor Antin, Minetta Lane – A Ghost Story, Card, 1995

Eleanor Antin's exhibition card for The Nurse and the Hijackers at Ronald Feldman Fine Arts

Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Eleanor Antin, The Nurse and the Hijackers, Card, 1977

Hannah Wilke exhibition Through The Large Glass posctard

Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, Hannah Wilke, Through The Large Glass (Duchamp), Card, 1978

Rosa Von Praunheim & Phil Zwickler, David Wojnarowicz, Silence = Death and Positive, Film Poster, 1990


Rosamund Felsen Gallery, Guiseppe Chiari, Paul McCartney…, Poster, 1993

Rüdiger Schöttle, Eine Ausstellung, Dan Graham, Jean-Luc Godard, Small Booklet, 1982

protect the innocent poster for willoughby sharp film

Second Floor, Willoughby Sharp, Protect the Innocent, Flyer, c.1980s

Session, Beth B & Scott B, Poster

duane front

Sidney Janis Gallery, Duane Michals, “Paris Stories and Other Follies,” Booklet, 1992

poetry front

Sidney Janis Gallery, Duane Michals, “Poetry and Tales,” Booklet, 1991

Simon Watson Gallery, Set The Woods on Fire, Card, 1989


Sylvia Whitman, Susan Weil, P.S.1, “Two Notebooks” Untitled Press, Card, 1977

The Clocktower, Eleanor Antin R.N., Folded Card, 1976

the collective jenny holzer coleen fitzgibbon levine

The Collective, Coleen Fitzgibbon, Jenny Holzer, Scott and Beth B, Event Invitation, 1979

The Kitchen, James Nares, Photo by Marcia Resnick, Desirium Probe, Card, 1978

The Kitchen, Survival Research Laboratories, Virtues of Negative Fascination, Flyer, 1986


The Kitchen, Tony Oursler, Video Works, Card, 1987

Carole Ann Klonerides flyer for Cindy Shermn and Richard Prince video tapes

The Red Bar, Videos about Cindy Sherman, Laurie Simmons, Richard Prince, Flyer

Times Square Show, Judy Rifka, Matthew Geller, True Cross Fire, Feature Length Videotape, Flyer, 1980

Tin Palace, The Films of Gerard Malanga, Flyer, 1976

sleepwalk sara driver tunnel

Tunnel, Sara Driver, Sleepwalk, Card, 1987

Tunnel, Ultra Violet, Baird Jones, The Last Supper, Card, 1988

Underground USA poster

Underground U.S.A. film Screening, by Eric Mitchell, 1980

liquid sky postcard front

Underground, Liquid Sky, Press Release and Card, 1983

Video Data Bank, The Science of Fiction/The Fiction of Science, Folded Card, 1984

Webster Hall, Clayton Patterson, Captured The Movie, Card, 2008


White Columns, Shigeko Kubota, Video Sculpture, Card, 1983

Whitney Museum of American Art, Film and Video on Art, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Judy Chicago, Eric Fischl, James Rosenquist, ART/new york, Among Others, Folded Brochure, 1986

Whitney Museum of American Art, Jack Waters, The Male Gayze, Card, 1995

Andy Warhol's Video and Television Whitney Museum

Whitney Museum, Andy Warhol’s Video & Television, 16-Page Exhibition Catalogue, 1991

no wave cinema show at whitney museum

Whitney Museum, No Wave Cinema, 1978-87, Card, 1996

andy warhol films whitney museum

Whitney Museum, The Films of Andy Warhol: An Introduction, 24-Page Exhibition Catalogue, 1988

Whitney Museum, Eleanor Antin, The Last Night of Rasputin, Card, 1989

Ida Applebroog poster for the Whitney Museum

Whitney Museum, Ida Applebroog, Poster, 1978

front of lezzyvision II WOW card

WOW, Lezzyvision II: The Sequel, Card