Gallery 98

ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

Gallery 98 is for collectors and researchers. We specialize in announcement cards, posters, publications and other art ephemera from the 1960s - 1990s. For all inquiries: | Sign up for our Newsletter    


Tension Film Festival poster

“New York Tension Film Festival,” Flyer, 1993

“New York Tension Film Festival,” flyer, 1993

Haring rain dance poster

“Rain Dance” (Africa Emergency Fund benefit), flyer, 1985

poster for Kwok's Shit Show

“Shit Show” open call, Xerox flyer, 1982

flyer for The Wild Party, a memorial benefit for Wendy Wild

“The Wild Party” – A Memorial Benefit for Wendy Wild flyer

flyer for Wendy Wild benefit

‘The Wild Party’ – Flyer for Benefit for Wendy Wild to defray medical costs

3 Mercer St. Store, Stefan Eins, Items under $5, Flyer, 1975


ABC No Rio, “Artists Call against U.S. Intervention in Central America,” Xerox flyer, 1984


Armageddon, Des Refusés, Kathy Acker, Ronald Feldman, Jim Fouratt, James Taylor, Dan Graham, Tri-Fold Flyer, 1982


Becky Howland, Real Estate Show, Flyer, 1980

Beth B. and Scott B., flyer for Black Box and G-Man

Beth B and Scott B, Black Box and G-Man, Flyer, 1978

promotional flyer for Black Box No Wave film

Beth B and Scott B, Black Box, Flyer featuring Lydia Lunch, 1979


Bond Gallery, Donald Baechler, Stefan Eins, Richard Hambleton, Ana Opitz, Phrenology, Flyer, 1987


Bullet Space, Paul Castrucci, “Dirt Party,” flyer, 1989

CBGB - Farewell Festival flyer

CBGB, Farewell Festival, Flyer, 2006

helen wheels band flyer

CBGB, Helen Wheels Band, Flyer, 1985

Catherine hazard flyer for exhibition

Fashion Moda, Catherine Hazard, Flyer, 1984

City Maze fashion moda poster

Fashion Moda, Jane Dickson, City Maze, 1980


Fashion Moda, John Fekner, From the Monkey to the Monitor, Flyer, 1982

A More Store cruise poster

Flyer advertising the A. More Store, 1980

Flyer for “Weapons Show” at Exploding Sky Studios, 1995

Colab Meeting poster

Flyer for a COLAB Meeting, 1980

Todd's Copy Shop Flyer

Flyer for Opening of 5 & Dime Art Store, 1984

Pool terminal flyer

Flyer for performances at Terminal New York, 1983

Real Estate poster at Mudd club

Flyer for Real Estate Show Celebration, 1980


Flyer for the Bricks (remember), 1983

Times square show poster

Flyer for Times Square Show, “Are Americans Afraid of Sex?”


Flyers for “Meet the Makers” film and video series, 1986–1991

Flyers for the Black & Blue show, 1976

Jean Toche, I accuse, Flyer from Judson Gallery, 1968

Joe Lewis poster

Joe Lewis, The Psycho-Plastic Nexus, Broadside with Drawing & Poem c. 1980s

John Fekner, Decay, Signed Photocopy Poster, Fashion Moda, 1980

Jon Waine Maxwell's flyer

Jon Waine, Franc Palaia, Afro-Newave Dance Music, Flyer, Maxwell’s,1982

Kambra Pfahler invitation

Kembra Pfahler Performance, Card, Pompeii, 1985

Mild Seven: The Cowboy Stories directed by Kembra Pfahler screening flyer

Kembra Pfahler, Mild Seven: The Cowboy Stories, Film Screening Flyer, Charas Theater

No se No poster august 29th

Kembra Pfahler, Erotic Psyche, and Diane Moonmade, Calendar, No Se No

flyer for Kembra Pfahler screening at Millenium

Kembra Pfahler, Samoa Moriki, Hapi Phace, Flyer, Millenium

Poster for Ken Hiratsuka show

Ken Hiratsuka Two-Gallery Exhibition, Flyer, A’s and No Se No, 1984

Young and Confused postcard

Limbo Lounge, Young & Confused Film Series, Flyer, 1985

Flyer for the Gas Station's anti-eviction party, 1995. Part of Gallery 98's

Linus Coraggio, Anti-Eviction Party, Poster, Gas Station (a.k.a. 2B), 1995

Location poster

Linus Coraggio, Available For Film Shoots And Party Rentals, Flyer, Gas Station (a.k.a. 2B)

No Se No poster street art show

Linus Coraggio, Rivington School (II) Exhibition, SIGNED Flyer, No Se No, 1986

Welding studio ad for classes

Linus Coraggio, Welding Classes, Flyer, Gas Station (a.k.a. 2B)

Ecstatic Stigmata poster

Mudd Club, “Ecstatic Stigmatic,” Flyer, 1980

Anders Graftstrom, flyer for the film "The Long Island Four;"

Mudd Club, Benefit For Long Island Four, A Film By Anders Graftstrom Starring Klaus Nomi, Flyer,1980

arole London sings She's Fit for Space at Mudd Club invitation

Mudd Club, Carol London Performance, Flyer, 1981

Nada Gallery flyer for Sallie Aycock and Marc Zero

Nada Gallery, Sallie Aycock & Marc Zero, Flyer


New Waterfront Museum, Mike Cockrill, Dial 1-800-HE TOUCHED ME!, Flyer, 1988


No Se No , Flyer designed by Toyo Tsuchiya, 1980s

vindaloo lives poster for no se no

No Se No, Vindaloo Lives: A Travesty in Many Acts, Flyer

No Se No poster for Exchange Show Japan

No Se No, Exchange Show Japan with Art Unidentified, Flyer, 1987

Jackie Curtis poster of James Dean

No Se No, In “James Dean,” part of the 99 Nights series

linda-austin-wild-west no se no poster

No Se No, Post-Opening Party For The Piezo Electric Exhibition Wild West , Flyer, 1983

Poster for Rivington School exhibition

No Se No, Rivington School Exhibition, Xerox flyer signed by Toyo, 1985

Toyo poster for See Saw show

No Se No, Xerox flyer for Toyo’s exhibition of photographs

Palladium, Promotional Handout, 1980’s

No Rio poster with neighborhood woman

Poster for “Portrait Studio” Show, ABC No Rio, 1981

Invitation to back-to-back parties at Pyramid Club and Barroom 432

Pyramid, Gay Pride Weekend, Card, 1991

Red Spot, The Talking Wall Show, Flyer, 1987

Richard Prince food for thought

Richard Prince & Nancy Spero, Food for Thought Residency Announcement, Folding Card, Franklin Furnance, 1991-92

HELEN WHEELS Band, at the Ritz

Ritz, Helen Wheels Band, Flyer, 1981

Muscle on Wheels flyer

Roxy, John Blair Presents Muscles On Wheels, Postcard, 1980s

Esperanto front of postcard

Speakeasy, Country Christmas Cavalcade With Tish & Snooky, Card

SUNY Old Westbury, Panel Discussion, Marcia Tucker, Lucy Lippard, Benny Andrews, Lynda Bryant, Carlos Solana, Flyer, 1981

The Kitchen, Survival Research Laboratories, Virtues of Negative Fascination, Flyer, 1986

Hamlet Machine poster

Times Square Show, Announcement for The Hamlet Machine, 1980

poster for public meeting regarding tompkins square park riot

Tompkins Square Park Riot, Youth Defense Campaign, Condemn Police Violence, Flyer, 1988


Tompkins Square Park, 6th Annual Drag March, Flyer, 1999

Flyer for Little Music by Y Pants

TR3, Little Music By Y Pants, Two Xeroxes Combined Into One Flyer, 1979

photograph of the band by Michael Halsband

TR3, Lydia Lunch’s Eight Eyed Spy, Flyer, c. 1980’s

Solette poster for Silk Worms

Westbeth Gallery, Colette, Silk Worms & Parachutes, Signed Flyer, 1979

Jeffery Deitch Where is Art Going poster

Where is Art Going? panel discussion, 1980

William Pope.L, Flyer, Franklin Furnace, 1989

WOW Festival video screening flyer

Women’s One World Video, Screening Flyer, 19 St. Mark’s Place

No entiendes poster front

World, Haoui Montaug, No Entiéndes, Flyer