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ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

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Metro Pictures

Gallery 98 has a large collection of exhibition announcements from Metro Pictures,  of which only a small number are posted here.  Please contact us if you want to know more about this collection.

Cindy Sherman, Color Photographs, Folded Card, Metro Pictures, 1981


Cindy Sherman, A Play of Selves, Metro Pictures, Artforum Advertisement, 2006

Cindy Sherman afterparty card 1985

Cindy Sherman, Card, Metro Pictures at Palladium, 1985


Cindy Sherman, Metro Pictures, Artforum Advertisement, 2008

Douglas Crimp, With Photographs by Louise Lawler, On the Museum’s Ruins, Card, Metro Pictures, 1994


Fred Wilson, Card, Metro Pictures, 1991

Group Exhibition, with Jack Goldstein, Gerhard Richter, Edward Ruscha, Walter Robinson and others, Painting, Folded Card, Metro Pictures, 1982

Invitation to a Private Party for Cindy Sherman at the Palladium, Card, Metro Pictures, 1985


James Welling, Photographs, Card, Metro Pictures, 1982

Laurie Simmons, New Color Photographs, Card, Metro Pictures, 1983

Laurie Simmons, Michael Harvey, Photographs and Paintings, Folded Card, Metro Pictures, 1981

Louise Lawler, “Glass Cage” (1991/1993), From the Exhibition “External Stimulation,” Card, Metro Pictures, 1994

louise lawler cinder sherman laurie simmons at metro pictures

Louise Lawler, Cindy Sherman, Laurie Simmons, Card, Metro Pictures, 1990

Metro Pictures Gallery, Mike Kelley, Carroll Dunham, Cindy Sherman, Card, 1991

Inaugural reception for Metro Pictures, 1980

Metro Pictures, Inaugural Exhibition, Paper Invitation, 1980


Metro Pictures, Cindy Sherman, New Work, Card, 1985

Cindy Sherman Metro Pictures

Metro Pictures, Cindy Sherman, Card, 2001

metro pictures card for frank gehry

Metro Pictures, Frank O. Gehry, Fish and Snake Lamps, Card, 1984

Jack Goldstein for Metro Pictures

Metro Pictures, Jack Goldstein, Card, 1983

Metro Pictures, Jack Goldstein, Cindy Sherman, Folded Flyer + Envelope, 1980

jack goldstein card for metro pictures - inside

Metro Pictures, Jack Goldstein, Folded Card, 1981

Metro Pictures, Jennifer Bolande, Card, 1989

jim shaw

Metro Pictures, Jim Shaw, “Thrift Store Paintings,” Card, 1991


Metro Pictures, Laurie Simmons, Card, 1991

Louise Lawler card for Metro Pictures

Metro Pictures, Louise Lawler, Card, 1982


Metro Pictures, Louise Lawler, For Sale, Flyer, 1991


Metro Pictures, Louise Lawler, How Many Pictures, Card with Envelope, 1989

Louise Lawler, Laurie Simmons, James Welling at Metro Pictures

Metro Pictures, Louise Lawler, Laurie Simmons, James Welling, Card, 1984

michael zwack metro pictures

Metro Pictures, Michael Zwack, Paintings, Folded Card, 1982

Metro Pictures, Rene Daniels, Two Cards, 1984

Metro Pictures, Richard Prince, Folded Card, 1982


Metro Pictures, Richard Prince, Michael Zwack, Folded Flyer, 1981

Metro Pictures, Robert Longo, Black Flags, Card, 1990

Metro Pictures, Thomas Lawson, Paintings, Folded Card, 1982

Metro Pictures, Thomas Lawson, Card, 1987

Walter Robinson card for Metro Pictures

Metro Pictures, Walter Robinson, Paintings of Antonia Smith, Card, 1984

Metro Pictures, Walter Robinson, Paintings, Card, 1982

Metro Pictures, Walter Robinson, Spin Paintings, Card, 1986

Michael Kelley card for Metro Pictures

Michael Kelley, Monkey Island and Confusion, Card, Metro Pictures, 1982


Mike Kelley, Card, Metro Pictures, 1986

Mike Kelley, Toward a Utopian Arts Complex, Card, Metro Pictures, 1995


Photo, Group Show with Cindy Sherman, Richard Prince, Laurie Simmons, Louise Lawler, and others, Folded Card, Metro Pictures, 1981

Robert Longo invite for Metro Pictures

Robert Longo, Men in Cities, Paper Invite, Metro Pictures, 1981

Robert Long card for Metro Pictures exhibition

Robert Longo, Card, Metro Pictures, 1984

Robert Longo, Card, Metro Pictures, 1988

Robert Longo poster for Leo Castelli and Metro Pictures

Robert Longo, Poster, Leo Castelli Gallery & Metro Pictures, 1983

Robert Longo, Steel Angles Part II, Card, Metro Pictures, 1986

Sterling Ruby, Killing The Recondite, Metro Pictures, Artforum Advertisement (2 Pages), 2007