Gallery 98

ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

Gallery 98 is for collectors and researchers. We specialize in announcement cards, posters, publications and other art ephemera from the 1960s - 1990s. For all inquiries: | Sign up for our Newsletter    

Miscellaneous Galleries

Higgins front of card for 13th HOUR Gallery

13th Hour Gallery, E. F. Higgins III, Card, 1985

angels saints martyrs postcard for 303 gallery front

303 Gallery, David Lachapelle, Card, 1984

Edo postcard front

303 Gallery, Edo Bertoglio, Photographs, Card, 1984

clementine greenberg card

55 Mercer Street Gallery, Dana Gordon, Clement Greenberg, Remembering Clem Recently, Card, 1995

henry chalfant card

55 Mercer Street Gallery, Henry Chalfant, Sculpture, Card, 1978

A More Store poster by Rifka

A More Store at Jack Tilton Gallery, Judy Rifka, Poster 1983

ad reinhardt card front

Ad Reinhardt, Card, Pace Gallery, 1976

poster for Allan Sekula installation

Amelie A. Wallace Gallery, Allan Sekula, School is a Factory, Flyer, 1984

ᏄᎪᏢᎠᏙᎧ (We Always Turn Around on Purpose) show card

Amelie A. Wallace Gallery, Native American Artists and Jimmie Durham, ᏄᎪᏢᎠᏙᎧ (We Always Turn Around on Purpose), Card, 1986

modern sleep show at American Fine Arts

American Fine Arts (Colin de Land), Curated by Collins & Milazzo, Modern Sleep, Card, 1986

richard prince American Fine Arts

American Fine Arts (Colin de Land), John Dogg & Richard Prince, Card, 1986

inside of warhol card

Andy Warhol, Folded Card for the Exhibition Photobooth Pictures, Robert Miller Gallery, 1989

poster for a photo cocktail party

Antonio Lopez, A Photo Cocktail Party, Flyer, Robert Freidus Gallery, 1979

poster for a photo cocktail party

Antonio Lopez, A Photo Cocktail Party, Flyer, Robert Freidus Gallery, 1979

alreen schloss betty parsons gallery

Arleen Schloss, A Process Demonstration of Elasticity, Sound + Movement, Handwritten Card, Betty Parsons Gallery, 1976

arleen schloss

Arleen Schloss, Card, Robert Freidus Gallery, 1978

front of hyperspcae card

Art City, Dogg, Lawler, HyperSpaces, Folded Card, 1987

Ellen Carey card for Art City

Art City, Ellen Carey, New Pictures, Card, 1986

Art City front of show card

Art City, Kunié Sugiura, New Photographic Workds, Card, 1986

front of tim maul card for Art City

Art City, Tim Maul, New Photographic Works, Card, 1986

b side gallery show card

B-Side Gallery, Paintings and Multiples, Card, 1984

bside gallery show card for Pop-Korn

B-Side Gallery, Pop-Korn, Card

silent auction card for b-side gallery

B-Side Gallery, Silent Auction, Card, 1986

b-sdie gallery card for scarpulla show

B-Side Gallery, Caren Scarpulla, Paintings, Card

Ars Ex Machina card

Bette Stoler Gallery, Ars Ex Machina, Card, 1983

Ray Johnson card for Betty Parsons Gallery

Betty Parsons Gallery, Ray Johnson, History of Betty Parsons Gallery, Card, 1973

bill beckley john gibson gallery

Bill Beckley, Performance, Card, John Gibson Gallery, 1973

BlumHelman card for group show

BlumHelman Gallery, Basquiat, Haring, Salle, Drawings, Folded Card, 1982

bomb magazine

BOMB Magazine at Blum Helman Gallery, Basquiat, Clemente, Haring, Kruger, Benefit Show Invite, December 1984

Nan Goldin card for Burden Gallery - front

Burden Gallery, Nan Goldin, The Ballad of Sexual Dependency, Card, 1986

CHARAS/El Bohio, Livestock, NY2K, Card, 1999

Christminster card group show

Christminster Gallery, Auto/Genetic/Photopsia Curated by Bill Komoski, Card, 1985

Christminster Gallery card for thomas lawson

Christminster Gallery, Thomas Lawson, Card, 1984

close up of candy darling show

Christopher Makos, Recent Photographs, 3 Fold Card, Robert Samuel Gallery, 1982

Chuck Close card for Pace/MacGill Gallery

Chuck Close, Maquettes, Card, Pace / MacGill Gallery, 1986

front of Chuck Close Pace/MacGill card

Chuck Close, Photographs, Folded Card, Pace/MacGill, 1985

Chuck Close for Bykert Gallery, 1973

Chuck Close, Poster, Bykert Gallery, 1973

COLAB card at concord gallery

Concord, Collaborative Projects, Up with People, Card, 1983

crash at sidney janis gallery - front

CRASH, New Paintings, Exhibition Catalogue, Sidney Janis Gallery, 1986

David LeChapelle's card for Tomoko Laguori exhibition - front

David LaChapelle, Facility of Movement, Card, Tomoko Liguori Gallery, 1991

David Wojnarowicz poster design

David Wojnarowicz, #2 Smart Art Too, Poster, 55 Mercer Street Gallery, 1984

front of diane arbus card

Diane Arbus, Untitled Photographs 1970-71, Folded Card, Fraenkel Gallery, 1987

New Romantics Duncan Hannah

Duncan Hannah, New Romantics, Card, Bridgewater Gallery, 1986

Front of Ed Ruscha and Joe Goode card

Ed Ruscha & Joe Goode, Card, Texas Gallery, 1977

El Bohio auction front cover

El Bohio, Contemporary Art Auction Catalogue, May 1988

gordon amtta-clark card for john gibson gallery

Gordon Matta-Clark, A Series of Partially Totaled Buildings, Card, John Gibson Gallery, 1974

front of ground zero folded card

Ground Zero Gallery, Edward Brezinski, The Last Judgement, Folded Card

ida applebroog card front

Ida Applebroog, Recent Work, Card, Thomas Segal Gallery, 1984

postcard for A More Store installation at Jack Tilton Gallery and Printer Matter, front

Jack Tilton Gallery, A More Store, Card

a more store card front by jolie stahl

Jack Tilton Gallery, A More Store, Jolie Stahl, Card, 1983

jean dupuy card front

Jean Dupuy, Card, Marian Goodman Gallery, 1978

ceres gallery with joan arbeiter

Joan Arbeiter, CAA Job Search Documentation, Card, N.Y. Feminist Art Institute & Ceres Gallery, 1985

rene block gallery opening

Joseph Beuys, I Like America and America Likes Me, Card, René Block Gallery, 1974

julian schnabel at the pace gallery, 1990

Julian Schnabel, Sculpture, Card, Pace Gallery, 1990

invitation to ronnie cutrone installation - front

Kelly and Ronnie Cutrone, Love Spit Love, Postcard, Simon Watson Gallery, 1991

kyra recent drawings cacrd

Kyra, Recent Drawings, Card, Womanart Gallery, 1977

Robert Freidus Gallery showcard for Larry clark

Larry Clark, 42nd St., Card, Robert Freidus Gallery, 1980

larry Clark poster for Robert Freidus Gallery

Larry Clark, Tulsa, Poster, Robert Freidus Gallery, 1979

Miles Davis exhibition booklet - front

Miles Davis, Paintings, 3 Fold Brochure, Nerlino Gallery, 1991

Miriam Schapiro, Collaboration Series: Mother Russia, Card, Steinbaum Krauss Gallery, 1994

front of Miriam Schapiro card

Miriam Schapiro, Geometry and Flowers, Card, Thomas Segal Gallery, 1983

Nicole Eisenman poster for Jack Tilton Gallery

Nicole Eisenman, Poster, Jack Tilton Gallery, 1994

infotainment show at texas galelry

Peter Halley, Peter Nagy, Infotainment, Card, Texas Gallery, 1985

Peter Hujar card for New York POrtraits - front

Peter Hujar, New York Portraits, Card and Price List, Marcuse Pfeifer Gallery, 1977

inside Peter Hujar exhibition card

Peter Hujar, Recent Photographs, Folded Card, Robert Samuel Gallery, 1981

Walter Robinson, Conceptual Art, Announcement Card, Piezo Electric

Piezo Electric, Walter Robinson, Card, 1985

aimee rankin card for Postmasters Gallery

Postmasters Gallery, Aimee Rankin, History / Desire, Card, 1985

paravision, a group show at Postmasters Gallery

Postmasters Gallery, Halley, Koons, Longo, Paravision Curated by Collins & Milazzo, Card, 1985

lewis stein card for Postmasters Gallery,

Postmasters Gallery, Lewis Stein, The Surveillance Series, Card, 1985

Robert Colescott's postcard for Phyllis Kind Gallery exhibition - front

Robert Colescott, Recent Paintings, Card, Phyllis Kind Gallery, 1989

Ruth Marten and Neke Carson performance at Robert Freidus Gallery

Robert Freidus Gallery, Ruth Marten, Neke Carson, Laying on Hands, Flyer, 1978

mapplethorpe for fraenkel gallery

Robert Mapplethorpe, Recent Work in Platinum, Folded Card, Fraenkel Gallery, 1985

Robert Mapplethorpe card for Fraenkel Gallery

Robert Mapplethorpe, Folded Card, Fraenkel Gallery, 1987

roger cutforth for john gibson gallery

Roger Cutforth, Card, John Gibson Gallery, 1974

Stefanotty Gallery poster for Roger WELSH

Roger Welsh, The Roger Woodward – Niagra Falls Project, Poster, Stefanotty Gallery, 1975

Sharpe Gallery, Cheryl Laemmle, Folded Car, 1984

Basquiat group show at Sidney Janis Gallery

Sidney Janis Gallery, Basquiat, Group Show, Card, May 1983


Sol LeWitt, Drawings & Prints, Card, John Weber Gallery, 1978

sol lewitt card

Sol LeWitt, Structures & Wall Drawings, Card, Texas Gallery, 1980

Sol LeWitt wall drawings at John Weber Gallery

Sol LeWitt, Wall Drawings, Card, John Weber Gallery, 1974


Stefanotti, Jimmy De Sana, Color Photographs, Folded Card, 1982

Ground Zero group Show card front

Stencils at Nico Smith, Illustration by Marguerite van Cook, Folded Card, Ground Zero Gallery, 1985

card for The Black and White show, curated by Lorainne O'Grady

The Black and White Show, with Basquiat, Fekner, Haring, Piper, Curated by Lorraine O’Grady, Card, Kenkeleba Gallery, 1983

front of eggleston card for fraenkel gallery

William Eggleston, Folded Card, Fraenkel Gallery, 1986

Xu Bing, New China, Card, Jack Tilton Gallery, 1997

Cindy Sherman card from Chicago, front

Young Hoffman Gallery, Cindy Sherman, New Color Photographs, Card, 1981