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ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

Gallery 98 is for collectors and researchers. We specialize in announcement cards, posters, publications and other art ephemera from the 1960s - 1990s. For all inquiries: | Sign up for our Newsletter    

Mudd Club

East Village Eye, Vol. 4 No. 24

1983/11, Steve Mass on Mudd Club, Lizzie Borden, Duncan Hannah

collective keith haring steve mass lower manhattan drawing show

77 White Street Gallery, Mudd Club, Basquiat, Keith Haring, Steve Mass, Lower Manhattan Drawing Show, Press Release, February 1981


Beyond Words, Samo, Haring, Fred Brathwaite, Futura, Poster, Mudd Club, 1981


DETAILS Magazine, Vol. 7 No. 5, 1988/10 (October), Tina L’Hotsky, Keith Haring, The Pyramid, The Mudd Club’s 10-Year Anniversary

Real Estate poster at Mudd club

Flyer for Real Estate Show Celebration, 1980

mudd club card for futura 2000 exhibition

Futura 2000, Basquiat, Rammellzee…, Beyond Words, Card, Mudd Club, April 1981

Harvey Wang photograph John Sex

Harvey Wang, John Sex at ‘Club 57 Night’ at Mudd Club, Vintage Silver Gelatin Signed Print, 1981

Ecstatic Stigmata poster

Mudd Club, “Ecstatic Stigmatic,” Flyer, 1980

mudd club may calendar

Mudd Club, 3 Teens Kill 4, File Magazine, May Schedule, Flyer, 1981

Mudd Club Newsletter April

Mudd Club, April Newsletter, 1979

Mudd Club Office Party invite

Mudd Club, Office Party, Card, 1981

Mudd Club Pajama Party

Mudd Club, Pajama Party, Card, 1979

Mudd club newsletter

Mudd Club, Summer Newsletter, 1979

mudd club flyer for the fuzztones

Mudd Club, The Fuzztones and The Chesterfield Kings, Flyer

mudd club animal x

Mudd Club, Animal X, Ultrawave Fashions on a Theme of Fantasy, Flyer

Anders Graftstrom, flyer for the film "The Long Island Four;"

Mudd Club, Benefit For Long Island Four, A Film By Anders Graftstrom Starring Klaus Nomi, Flyer,1980

Mudd Club Brazil Night

Mudd Club, Brazil Night, Card, 1982


Mudd Club, Calendar Newsletter, March/April 1981

arole London sings She's Fit for Space at Mudd Club invitation

Mudd Club, Carol London Performance, Flyer, 1981

Mudd Club Card for Earth's end

Mudd Club, Catherine and Alain Robbe-Grillet, Earth’s End, Card

Charles Henri Ford card front

Mudd Club, Charles Henri Ford Birthday Party, Card, 1982

mudd club

Mudd Club, Cookie Muller, Cris Kraus, Here’s Mudd in Your Ears, Flyer, 1981


Mudd Club, Designered to Death, Folded Card, 1981

mudd club february 1982 lineup

Mudd Club, Glen Branca, Card, 1982

the mudd club card

Mudd Club, Holzer, Beware of The Dog, Folded Card, c. 1980’s

John Holmsrom pster

Mudd Club, John Holmstrom, The Joe Show, Flyer, 1979

cold war zeitgeist mudd club judy rifka

Mudd Club, Judy Rifka, Jeanne Quinne, Lynne Augeri, Cold War Zeitgeist, 3-Page Press Release, 1980

Just Another Asshole benefit party and film screening, at  Mudd Club

Mudd Club, Just Another Asshole Benefit Party, Flyer, 1979

map of mudd club

Mudd Club, Ken Weiner (Punk Magazine), Schedule and Map, 1979

Mudd Club Calendar JUNE

Mudd Club, Kenneth Anger, Tom Baker, Duncan Smith, June Calendar and Newsletter, Flyer, 1980

mudd club lawrence weiner

Mudd Club, Lawrence Weiner, There But For, Small Poster, 1981

War games poster

Mudd Club, Legs McNeil, Arturo Vega and Tina L’Hotsky, War Games, Flyer 1979

the mudd club paranoids' ball

Mudd Club, Martha Wilson, Rene Ricard, The Paranoids’ Ball, Flyer

mudd club flyer for nam june paik

Mudd Club, Nam June Paik, Lake Placid ’80, Flyer, 1980

postcard for Nam June Paik evening at The Mudd Club

Mudd Club, Nam June Paik, Card, 1981

lawrence weiner movie poster mudd club

Mudd Club, Peter Gordon, David Van Teighem, Lawrence Weiner, Altered To Suit, Poster, 1979


Mudd Club, Sleepless Nights, Rene Ricard, John Lurie, Eric Mitchell, Becky Johnston, Flyer, 1980

Mudd Club, Sonic Youth, Card, 1982


Mudd Club, The Curators Present Art At The Mudd, Three Page Xerox Program, 1980


Mudd Club/Mudd Films, Rolling Stones, Casting Call for Film “Fight for Life”, Card, 1981

Cha-Cha Party invite

Tina L’hotsky, Cha-Cha Party, Card, Mudd Club, 1978


Tina L’hotsky, Crazy Spanish Girls, SIGNED Book, 1978

Tina L’Hotsky, Film Resume, Card, c. 1980s