Gallery 98

ART EPHEMERA 1960s – 1990s

Gallery 98 is for collectors and researchers. We specialize in announcement cards, posters, publications and other art ephemera from the 1960s - 1990s. For all inquiries: | Sign up for our Newsletter    


“Warhol Haring and Scharf” (1986), Photo by Patrick McMullan, Card, Palladium, 1987


Andy Warhol and Andy Anderson Invite You to a Very Special 40th Birthday Celebration for Holly Woodlawn, Folded Card with Insert by Andy Warhol, Palladium, 1986

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palladium second year party

The Second Year Unfolds, New Installations by Jenny Holzer and Vito Acconci, Accordion Card, Palladium, 1986

Baba Olatunji, Card, Palladium, 1987

Baird Jones, 43rd Birthday Party Invitation, Palladium, 1998

Betsey Johnson, Invitation Card to Valentine’s Day Celebration, Palladium, 1984

Celebration for Ettore Sottsass’s Collection The Milan Style, Invitation Card, Palladium, 1986

Cindy Sherman afterparty card 1985

Cindy Sherman, Card, Metro Pictures at Palladium, 1985

crash at palladium

Crash, Card, Palladium, 1986


Ellen Foley, David Johansen, and J.P. Dougherty star in Hot Grease, Card, Palladium, 1986

Fela Anikulapo Kuti, Post-Concert Party Invite, Card, Palladium, 1986

postcard for Palladium party for Futura 2000 and Martin Wong

Futura 2000 & Martin Wong, Card, Palladium, 1986


Guerrilla Girls & Jenny Holzer, Poster, Palladium, 1985


Hans Namuth, Leo Castelli’s Birthday Party at Palladium (Andy Warhol Seated to Left), Three Fold Card, 1985


Ileana Sonnabend, Party for John Baldessari, Folded Card, Palladium, 1986


International Eye, “The Message,” with Steve Kramer, Kembra Pfahler, Card, Palladium, 1986

Invitation to True Love Valentine’s Day Celebration, Folded Pamphlet with Comic Strips, Palladium, 1986

Invitation to a Post-Opening Celebration for Fred Braithwaite, Card, Palladium, 1991

Invitation to a Special Performance of La Mama’s Cotton Club-Gala, Folded Card, Palladium, 1986

Invitation to Birthday Party for Whoopi Goldberg, Card, Palladium, 1985

Jerry Rubin & Mimi’s Weekly Parties, Two V.I.P. Passes, Palladium, c. Late 1980s

Kathy Acker, “The Birth of a Poet,” Carl Apfelschnitt, Grove Press, Bomb Magazine, Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), Poster, Palladium, 1985

Keith Haring, Second Annual Party of Life, Silk Screen A-Shirt, 1985


Keith Haring, Third Annual Party of Life, Childrens Sized Silk Screen A-Shirt, 1986

Keith Haring, William Burroughs, John Giorno, Record Release Party for A Diamond Hidden in The Mouth of a Corpse, Card, Palladium, 1985


Mick Rock, Photography Exhibit, Palladium, Poster, 1987

Palladium Underground card front

Palladium Underground, Vito Acconci, Garden of Plants and Bodies, Accordion-Folded Card, 1986

Closeup of shorts illustrated by Keith Harinf

Palladium, “Keith Haring’s Third Annual Party of Life”, Shorts, 1986

front of Caravaggio card

Palladium, Caravaggio Movie Premiere Party, Folded Card, 1986

Palladium open card front

Palladium, Palladium Open, Folded Card

SOHO A Guide A Documentary premiere party at Palladium card

Palladium, SOHO. A Guide. A Documentary., Card, 1986

Anthony Hayden-Guest card for Palladium exhibition front

Palladium, Anthony Haden-Guest, Folded Card, 1986

Palladium, Antonios Tales From the Thousand and One Nights, Card, 1985

boy george party at palladium

Palladium, Boy George Birthday Party, Card, 1985

Palladium, Claudia Skoda Fashions, Rainer Fetting, Luciano Castelli, Bettina Koster, Card, 1986

Dianne Brill birthday card

Palladium, Dianne Brill’s Men’s Club, Folded Card and Postcard, 1986

Drag Aid front of poster

Palladium, Drag-Aid, Folded Card, 1986

Palladium Grace Jones card front

Palladium, Grace Jones and Deee-Lite, New Years’s Eve Party, Card, 1990


Palladium, Grace Jones, Folded Card, 1985

palladium dance show front of card

Palladium, Jean-Paul Gaultier & Régine Chopinot, Le Défilé, Three Cards, 1986

Palladium, Jean-Paul Gautier, Paper Mask/Invitation, 1987

cover of john waters crackpot card

Palladium, John Waters, Crackpot: The Obsession of John Waters Book Launch Party, Folded Card, 1989

Palladium, Josh Friedman, Publications Party, Card, 1985

Palladium, Keith Haring’s Third Annual Party of Life, Cloth Cut-out, 1986

front of Pro Peace pamphlet illustrated by Keith Haring

Palladium, Keith Haring, The Great Peace March Benefit, 3-Fold Pamphlet, 1986

palladium poster for Komar and Melamid

Palladium, Komar and Melamid, Poster, 1986

Palladium, LeRoy Neiman, Birthday for Nikki Haskell, Cindy Birdsong, Card, c. 1986

Palladium, Liberace and The Rockettes, with Dancing Waters, Folded Poster, 1986

Liberace at Palladium, 1986

Palladium, Liberace, Card, 1986

front of madonna homecoming party card

Palladium, Madonna, Homecoming Party, Card, 1985

filthy mouth contest with michael alig

Palladium, Michael Alig, Filthy Mouth Contest, Card, 1987

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Palladium card for Downtown party

Palladium, Michael Musto’s Downtown Party, Card, 1986


Palladium, NY Talk’s 2nd Anniversary Party, Suzanne Mallouk, Magda Dajani, Photo by Michel Delsol, Folded Poster, 1986

Palladium, Paula Cooper, Robert Wilson, Folded Card, 1985

Palladium, Promotional Handout, 1980’s

rike bard card for palladium show

Palladium, Rick Bard, Carly Simon, Folded Card, 1987

SNL party at palladium - front

Palladium, Saturday Night Live, Invite, 1985

Palladium Avante Gardes Seiichi

Palladium, Seiichi Tanaka, The Avant-Gardes in New York, Small Poster, 1980’s


Palladium, Sur Rodney Sur’s Birthday Party, Card, 1985

Wheel of Fortune card for Palladium party

Palladium, Vanna White Wheel of Fortune Party, Invitation, 1986

Patrick McMullan, Christmas Party, Folded Card, Palladium, 1986

Pinup Girl: Dianne Brills’ Birthday Party, Poster, Palladium, c. 1980’s

Publication Party for Michael Musto’s Downtown, Invitation Card, Palladium, 1986

Robert Kushner, Holly (1984), Invitation Card to Birthday Party for Holly Solomon, Palladium, 1986

Robert Mapplethorpe card front for Palladium exhibition

Robert Mapplethorpe, New Photographs, Folded Card, Palladium

Roy Lichtenstein, Poster, Palladium, 1985

Warhol Basquiat Pantings, Photo by Michael Halsband, Poster (Originally Folded) for Promotional Party, Palladium, 1985